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The complete service from start to finish. Let's hit the studio to bring your track(s) to life!

For larger projects please contact me directly for a quote.


  • Full access to a professional recording studio;

  • Free mix revisions;

  • A fast guaranteed turnaround;

  • Fully mastered tracks in a variety of formats.

£150 per day

Mixing and Mastering Services Available


Send your fully recorded tracks over to me, I'll polish them up and send you back the finished product!

For larger projects please contact me directly for a quote.


  • Secure online transfer and support;

  • Free mix revisions;

  • A fast guaranteed turnaround;

  • Fully mastered tracks in a variety of formats.

£50 per track

Recording, Mixing and Mastering Services

Sound good to you? Let's work together!


You may have a few song ideas together, but are you sure if they are 100% ready? or even which ones to record?  

The pre-production plan is designed to help you bridge the gap between the 'demo' stage and fully-fledged tracks ready for the studio.

I am big believer in preparation and have seen that the quality, efficiency and success of a release can hinge on pre-production. So, let's all get together in a room to play the songs and make sure every part is serving the song. 

The pre-production plan includes:

  • Songwriting/arrangement critique and advice;

  • High-resolution images and videos from the session;

  • Song selection/gear recommendations;

  • A personalised tracking sheet;

  • Studio quality room recordings.



So you've recorded a bunch of songs, now what's the plan?

The marketing plan is designed to ensure that your project achieves your intended goal(s) and that you get the most out of your experience.

My services and support extends beyond the recording session and the mixing/mastering phase. I truly believe that my success is measured by your success; when you do well, I know that I've done a good job.

The marketing plan includes:

  • Release structure and strategy;

  • High-resolution images and videos from the session;

  • Press pack assistance;

  • A release teaser video;

  • A full marketing plan and consultation.


Additonal Services
  • What recording studio you use?
    I have a great relationship with Ian Sadler, owner of Emeline Studios in Whitstable, Kent. It's a great facility and the location is superb, thanks to the nearby access to a supermarket and public transport links.
  • Where are you based?
    I'm based in Maidstone, Kent.
  • What credits you have?
    Check out my portfolio to see (and hear) who I've previously worked with. You'll also find reviews from my previous clients on my testimonials page.
  • How much time I do need for my project?
    I strongly recommend taking a minimum of one day per song for most projects. For larger projects please contact me directly for a more accurate quote.
  • How long will it take for you to finish my project?
    This will largely depend on the size of the project and how heavy my workload is at the time. However, I pride myself on delivering a fast-turn around and will always agree a date in advance of commencing the work.
  • How do I book a session?
    To make a booking or to purchase a service, contact me directly to arrange payment. Please note that 20% of the total project fee will be required to be paid upfront to secure any booking as a non-refundable deposit.


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